We help Entrepreneurs in
Building the
Right Things
Mobile - Web - Cloud
We help Entrepreneurs in figuring out
Viable Product
Specifications - Wireframes - Prototype
We help Entrepreneurs with
Design &
UI/UX - Cloud Solutions - Mobile & Web apps
We help Entrepreneurs understand
Software Development
Agile - Scrum - Project management
We help Entrepreneurs as a
Solutions Architect - Hiring Right People



Technical Experts – persons engaged in technical research and development.

We are ​smart boffins​, having a decade of experience in building native mobile and web applications with cloud as backend. We have helped entreprenuers in US, India, UK, and Africa build and launch their products effectively with minimum resources. Having worked with various organizations with different cultures, technical teams at different timezones, we are well versed with designing and architecting solutions, planning, project management and product development.



With all the experience we have in building the software products and having helped entrepreneurs to get their
ideas into reality, we want to work with more and more entrepreneurs and help them build their MVP – minimum
viable product smartly with minimum resources, ship the product to market, focus on iterations and constantly
improving the product.

Vamsi Krishna Reddy

  • Co-Founder SmartBoffins.
  • 13+ years of experience in the software industry as a programmer, team lead, project manager on 100+ mobile and web projects.
  • Co-Founded Bravemount IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2009, built it from scratch to half million dollar revenue company. Successfully handled the process of acquisition of this company by AppIt Ventures LLC in 2015 and started as Chief Operations Officer to manage Indian branch of AppIt Ventures.  
  • Worked on projects related to global companies like LG, Vodafone, Orange etc handling client relationship and delivery management. 
  • Experienced in drafting requirements, defining MVP and project management.

Meghanath Ganji

  • Co-Founder SmartBoffins. 
  • Co-Founded Bravemount IT Solutions in 2009 as Technical Lead, built a team with highly skilled programmers, designers and testers, worked directly with clients and helped our company to grow and get acquired by US based software development company AppIt Ventures LLC in 2015 and now working as VP Engineering at AppIt Ventures.
  • 10+ yrs of experience in the Software Industry, so far architected 25+ applications on AWS, leading UI/UX team and programmers in building 250+ mobile and web applications, with hands-on experience in writing native android, angular applications and AWS products.
  • Worked with product owners on UX, helped in creating UI that doesn’t add unwanted technical challenges, bridging design, tech and business teams to create a successful product. Expert in creating wireframes, designs and prototype for digital products using Sketch and Invision.
  • Hands on experience in doing Branding and Product management.
  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect. Helped several clients in the process of building and delivering minimum viable product.

Kalyan Kumar Parise

  • Co-Founder SmartBoffins. 

  • With 10+ years of experience in Mobile Applications development and Project management, worked with Bravemount IT Solutions which was acquired by US based software development company AppIt Ventures in 2015.  Currently working as Tech Architect & Project Manager with AppIt Ventures.

  • So far architected and developed 80+ native iOS & Android applications, leading the Mobile, Web and Backend development team in building 250+ applications and as the Project Manager with efficient client rapport architected and delivered many mobile and web apps. Hands on experience with AWS and Cross Platform application development. 

  • As Project Manager worked with many clients in cost estimations, sprint planning and delivery management.

  • Certified Scrum Master, worked with many clients / product owners / teams to implement Agile Scrum methodologies and standardize processes in a complex business environment and establishing MVP goals during application design and development for highly complex or critical initiatives across shared technology.

We can help with

Information technology is advancing exponentially and every few months we get a new technology, so all this might be overwhelming for an entrepreneur. Our expertise is more on asking the right questions to our customers and help them to identify the root cause problem they want to solve, work with them in defining minimum viable product first, create wireframes and designs, build and launch the MVP, evaluate, analyse and then iterate the process. At SmartBoffins we can help entrepreneurs and businesses with a wide range of digital technology services as listed below.

  • Requirements Drafting
  • UI/UX – Wireframes and Designs – Sketch and Invision
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps – Kotlin and Swift.
  • Common UI toolkit frameworks for mobile apps like Flutter and ReactNative
  • Figuring out suitable web application development frameworks like Angular, Laravel, React, NodeJs and WordPress.
  • Reviewing code quality written in programming languages like Kotlin, Swift, Typescript, Javascript, PHP and Dart.
  • Project Management – cost estimations, sprint planning and delivery management on projects developed internally and outsourced projects.

Business Partners

We value partnerships and collaboration, we strongly believe that we could offer more quality services and help more customers in building products with collaboration. Check our valuable business partners, with whom we have had a successful collaboration and continue working with them as opportunities come our way.